Corrosion Protection using Fiberglass Composite Jacketing

With the structurs ageing, there are an increasing number of structural elements that require both corrosion control & protection measurements. Corrosion protection of deteriorated concrete, steel and timber structural elements have been accomplished with varying methods and technologies over the years. The CTech-LLC® LifeShield™ is an in-place repair and protection solution for damaged and corroded columns, piles and pedestals. The LifeShield™ system is comprised of fiberglass jacket which is wrapped around the damaged elements and special filler material placed in the annulus between the elements and the interior surface of fiberglass jacket. When LifeShield™ installed on the corroded elements, the system serves as a durable corrosion-resistant protective shell for structure that is being repaired and protected and improves it’s load-bearing capacity by providing seamless confinement around it.

Common Applications:

Buildings Transportation Infrastructure Water & Wastewater Structures Oil, Gas & Industrial Facilities Waterfront Structures
Structural Strengthening
Concrete Repair
Corrosion Control & Protection
Leak Repair
Force Protection
Coating and Waterproofing

Where can LifeShield™ be applied?

Concrete Pedestals & Foundations

Concrete & Steel Columns

Piles & Piers

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