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Our professional employees are committed to develop composite materials to be used in various industries. They also strive to do their best and make engineered decisions in order to offer advanced product solution. Being a part of our team can be challenging in employees work-life. Benefits of working at CTech-LLC® outlined below:

  • Our employees will have opportunities to improve their capabilities and take part in specific training courses.
  • Our staff can enjoy flexible working times.
  • We have provided an extremely friendly atmosphere in which employees are surrounded by sociable and amiable people.
  • CTech-LLC® provides competitive rewards to attract and retain the professional employees.
  • At CTech-LLC®, employees are working in a team with different ideas. It can help create a culture of collaboration and innovation. Staff should be fully aware that team working is a matter of compromise.
  • We’ve provided dynamic atmosphere for our staff to boost their function.
  • CTech-LLC® offers an extended range of benefits to meet all the employees need.
  • We ensure that all the aspects of our employees’ life are taken care of.
  • Working at CTech-LLC® takes employee’s passion into action.
  • We technically support our employee’s development through different training schemes.
  • CTech-LLC® helps colleagues learn from experiences of experts, so it is possible to improve their knowledge.
  • Since we believe that the modernizing companies attract and retain top talents, we offer a modern work place to our staffs.

What we expect from our employees is to be committed, trustable, faithful, self-confident and flexible. We are willing to hire innovative and those who have strong preference to work in a team. If you are keen on working at CTech-LLC®, please email us your Curriculum Vitae.

Responsible Person: Mrs. Petra Käfer