Structural Strengthening

CTech-LLC® developed turnkey solutions for the structural reinforcement and retrofit of aging, damaged or overloaded reinforced concrete, steel and other structure types.

Corrosion Control & Protection

CTech-LLC® developed innovative systems for concrete corrosion problems in new structures and mitigation of corroded members of existing structures.

Concrete Repair

CTech-LLC® helps his client to ensure high quality, long-term and safe concrete repair by utilizing a special FRP composite & FRCM composite technology and crack injection method.

Leak Repair

CTech-LLC® offers its clients proven solutions for pipe leak repair and being used in a variety of conditions – even under water!

Force Protection

CTech-LLC® offers customized solutions to meet force protection needs including:

  • Blast Protection
  • Progressive Collapse Prevention
  • Impact Protection
  • Fire Protection

Coatings and Waterproofing