Column Corrosion Protection using Fiberglass Composite Jacketing

Corrosion protection of deteriorated concrete, steel and timber columns have been accomplished with varying methods and technologies over the years. CTech-LLC® LifeShield™ is a type of composite jacketing system designed as a fast and cost reliable solution for corrosion protection and structural rehabilitation of RC, steel and timber columns without service major disruption.
The LifeShield™ system is comprised of fiberglass super-laminate which is wrapped around the column and special filler material placed in the annulus between the existing column and the interior surface of fiberglass laminate. When wrapped around the damaged column, the LifeShield™ system improves the axial capacity of column by providing seamless confinement around it.
The CTech-LLC® LifeShield™ jackets are available in a range of models and options to suit all typical column profile and can provide long service life.

Key Features:

  • LifeShield™ jacket is custom made for each application, accommodating a wide range of column shapes and sizes.
  • The system possesses those performance qualities required for the repair of corrosion damage.
  • Utilizing durable and high-strength material, LifeShield™ presents a very long efficient service life.
  • The system improves column load bearing capacity.
  • Ease of Installation
  • Time saving & Cost effective solution without disrupting structure service.
CTech-LLC-lifeshield system for corrosion repair