Vacuum FRP System

CTech-LLC® Vacuum Epoxy Sleeve (VESTM) employs a more optimum sleeve structure, and more importantly, it is considered as a patented on site installation process-vacuum adhesive perfusion. The process utilize the negative pressure created by vacuuming to perfuse the adhesive, instead of using the traditional perfusion process which injects the adhesive with positive pressure. This improvement grants a much more stable performance to the system. In the field, the operators will just need to use the vacuum pump to suck the evenly mixed high strength adhesive and perfuse it into the gap between the walls of the pipeline and the steel sleeve. Under the effect of vacuum negative pressure, the adhesive will be able to enter any tiny gaps and leave no cavity behind. The thoroughly filled adhesive offers good adhesion and compressive strength. Once it is cured, the pipelines and the sleeve will become a single one-piece structure, and the stress on the pipelines will be effectively shared, therefore, a reliable reinforcement performance will be guaranteed.


Download Datasheet CTech-LLC® VGW™





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