Pedestal (or Foundation) Corrosion Protection using Fiberglass Composite Jacketing

The CTech-LLC® LifeShield™ is a high-strength composite jacketing rehabilitation system that can be used to protect or repair deteriorated concrete pedestals or foundations. The system comes from LifeShield™ corrosion protection family which is comprised of fiberglass super-laminate and special filler material. After LifeShield™ installation around the damaged concrete pedestal (or foundation), the corrosion-free system protects the structure from following deterioration or corrosion and improves it’s load-bearing capacity.

The CTech-LLC® LifeShield™ jackets are available in a range of models and options to suit all typical pedestal (or foundation) profile and can provide long service life.

Key Features:

  • LifeShield™ jacket is custom made for each application, accommodating a wide range of pedestal (or foundation) shapes and sizes.
  • The system possesses those performance qualities required for the repair of corrosion damage.
  • Utilizing durable and high-strength material, LifeShield™ presents a very long efficient service life.
  • The system improves pedestal (or foundation) load bearing capacity.
  • Ease of Installation
  • Time saving & Cost effective solution without disrupting structure service.
CTech-LLC-corroded pedestal
CTech-LLC-corroded pedestals