Specialized Systems for Concrete Repair Works

CTech-LLC® provides elite systems for every concrete repair and protection requirement. Utilizing a special FRP composite & FRCM composite technology and crack injection method, CTech-LLC® concrete repair systems meet the tough demands of your concrete applications.
CTech-LLC®’s concrete repair systems can be used as a proven solution to bring commercial, municipal, residential and even historical buildings up to a safe standard.
The problem of concrete deterioration or damage has existed in transportation infrastructures such as concrete bridges for many years. Our crack injection, FRP and FRCM composite systems can repair and prevent future damages.
Decades of continuous service of water & wastewater structural elements have led to concrete deterioration that threatens the structural integrity of them. CTech-LLC®’s concrete repair system is an economical and safe solution for the rehabilitation of damaged concrete elements of such structures.
Industrial structures and facilities are being threatened by the process of concrete deterioration or damage. Concrete damage-related problems such as concrete cracks impact every industrial element operation and cost facilities owners millions of dollars maintenance works annually. CTech-LLC® concrete repair systems offer a long-term solution to regain the original capacity of damaged concrete industrial structures and reduce the cost of maintenance. Selection of the proper methods and materials for repair of damaged marine concrete structures is considered to be one of important aspects of structural retrofitting. CTech-LLC® concrete repair systems are ideal for any type of marine structures require additional strengthening, rehabilitation, and repair.
Here you will find detailed information about our concrete repair systems:

  • Buildings
  • Transportation Infrastructure
  • Water & Wastewater Structures
  • Oil & Gas & Industrial Facilities
  • Waterfront Structures

CTech-LLC® FibraOne™ is a comprehensive FRP composite strengthening system, providing efficient solutions for structural reinforcement of structures in need of repair or restoration. The FibraOne™ FRP Composite system is comprised of a wide range of high-strength carbon and glass FRP reinforcements and compatible saturating resins.

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CTech-LLC® FibraCement™ is a unique Fiber-Reinforced Cementitious Matrix (FRCM) composite system, uniquely engineered for external reinforcement of concrete and masonry structures. The system is comprised of carbon-fiber grid and special high resistance cement-based adhesive.

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CTech-LLC® Injecta™ injection system provides superior solution to restore structural strength to deteriorated concrete. The system uses high-performance and rapid setting adhesive which is injected into concrete cracks via injection pump.

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CTech-LLC® Crack-Weld™ is a uniquely crack control stitching system designed to permanently stop cracks in concrete. The crack repair system is easily installed across the face of the concrete crack repair line and the load is distributed away from the concrete crack repair line to the portion of the substrate that isn’t cracked.

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Concrete Repair
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