Realizing the Vision of Engineers and Designers

Structural Strengthening

The need for structural strengthening may be necessary if a risk assessment reveals deficiencies in structural responds of a structure. CTech-LLC®’s engineers designed customized solutions to enhance the structural capacity of existing structural elements by solving a host of structural deficiencies demands.

Corrosion Control & Protection

CTech-LLC® offers a full suite of systems to prevent corrosion in new structures and mitigation of corroded members of existing structures. Our systems have been successfully used for such applications in extremely severe environments.

Concrete Repair

Selection of the proper methods and materials for concrete repair work is considered to be one of important aspects of structural retrofitting. CTech-LLC®’s concrete repair systems are economical and safe solutions for the rehabilitation of damaged concrete elements of structures.

Leak Repair

At CTech-LLC® our solution builders developed systems to seal a leak online in few minutes. The simple to use systems, create economical and safe solutions aiming to help reduce the amount of liquid wasted through leaks on customers’ properties.

Force Protection

CTech-LLC® force protection systems are found to be quite effective solving a host of force protection needs in existing structures including:

  • Blast Protection
  • Fire Protection
  • Progressive Collapse Prevention
  • Fragmentation Protection
  • Forced Entry Protection
  • Impact Protection
  • Ballistics Protection