CTech-LLC® develops and markets an extensive range of composite materials, such as laminates and sheets made of carbon, glass and aramid fibers and various types of epoxy resins, for strengthening and retrofitting of structures including commercial, industrial, residential, transportation, etc.

CTech-LLC® integrates products with engineering support services to deliver our value-added solutions to clients across a broad range of markets. We are firmly committed to our mission of resolving the problems that our customers are dealing with.

CTech-LLC® composite materials are an unparalleled extend of high performance and cost-effective productions for different purposes, which enable our customers to offer innovative solutions to the industries that they serve.

In today’s competitive world, CTech-LLC® performs a significant function for its clients, enabling them to access innovative composite materials easily. One needs to send his production request, he is called by the closest CTech-LLC® distributor in no time at all.

Every structure has a service life that is the expected lifetime, or the acceptable period of use in service. To ensure the smooth performance of the structure in its service life, a comprehensive maintenance plan is needed. Strengthening and retrofitting is a core part of every maintenance plan. The retrofitting of a structure requires an appreciation for the technical, economic and social aspects of the issue. Choosing the optimal solution depends on a large variety of criteria, the most important being the total cost, the construction time length (eventually with the possibility of continuous usage of the structure), the ease of technologies application etc. The particularities of any given case made that process of optimal solution choosing to be often difficult, requiring comparative analysis, careful calculations and of course a rich experience in structural design.
The multiple-criteria solution finder helps the designer to find a rational and economical retrofit solution, drawing attention on the pluses and the minuses of presented rehabilitation method.


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System Library

The leading name in providing innovative techniques solutions for a wide range of structural strengthening and repairs,CTech-LLC®has designed commercially proven systems for structural reinforcement, corrosion control & protection, concrete repair works, force protection needs and leak repair. Check out theCTech-LLC®System Library for best potential solutions for individual project needs



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