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CTech-LLC® acts as a supplier of Cytec’s chemical and composite materials and strives to cater desires of all clients all around the world. To this aim, we’ve provided the wide network distribution system which change the way our customers do business.CTech-LLC® develops and markets an extensive range of composite materials, such as laminates and sheets made of carbon, glass and aramid and various types of epoxy resins, for strengthening and retrofitting of structures including commercial, industrial, residential, transportation, etc.


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Composite Systems

Composite Systems

Fire resistant systems

Fire resistant systems

Resins and Coatings

Resins and Coatings


Epoxy Resin Saturant

Epoxy Resin Adhesive

CFRP wrap

GFRP wrap

Injection Epoxy Resin

Unidirectional Carbon Laminate

Epoxy Primer

Vacuum FRP System


Building Retrofitting and Strengthening

CTech-LLC® composite materials are very popular because of their inherent corrosion resistance, high strength, low weight and many other merits.

CTech-LLC composite systems are used in some areas of the oil and gas industry such as modules, protection, equipment, spoilable pipes and pressure vessels. As well, significant advances have been made in the areas of composite pipe work and fluid handling.

The use of composite systems in industrial buildings (for both structural and nonstructural elements) is due to their underlying advantages including high specific strength, tailored design through controlled anisotropy, formability, fatigue resistance, controlled dimensional stability.

CTech-LLC FRP composite products are widely being used in different types of transportation structures such as existing bridges, tunnels, highways, airports and other transportation infrastructure. Today deterioration and functional deficiency of transportation structures is a main obsession in all over the world.