Fiber-reinforced Cementitious Grout


Product Documents

FCG™ - Technical Data Sheet RCG™ - Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet

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The CTech-LLC® cementitious grout reinforced with fibres  provided excellent impact,vibration and high temperatures resistance.
Formulated from a blend of high strength portland cement, graded aggregates and micro fibre, CTech-LLC® cementitious grout has improved mechanical properties and durability compared to conventional cementitious grout.

The following is a list of applications for CTech-LLC® cementitious grouts:

  • FCG™: Fiber-reinforced cementitious grout
  • RCG™: Refractory cementitious grout /mortar

Key Features

  • Contain fibers – Improved mechanical properties compared to conventional cementitious grout.
  •  Durable with high final strength.
  • Easy application, mix with water.
  • Rapid strength development.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Non-shrinking


The CTech-LLC® cementitious grout is a high performance material designed for grouting over versatile range of applications. Typical uses include:

  • Machinery Base Plates
  • wind turbine tower bases
  • Centrifugal compressors
  • Crane rails
  • Crusher – Ball Mills
  • Structure that subjected to high vibration, torque and impact

Storage Conditions

Stored in dry condition between +10 °C – +30 °C

Shelf Life

9 months from the date of manufacture in original unopened sealed bag when stored in dry conditions; high relative humidity will reduce shelf life.


CTech-LLC® cementitious grout is packaged in 20 kg and 25 kg bags.


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