Unidirectional Aramid Wrap


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UAW™ - Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet

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CTech-LLC® Unidirectional Aramid Wrap UAW™, or known by many as Kevlar belongs in a family of synthetic products characterized by strength some five times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis and heat-resistance some more than 500 degrees Celsius. It is appropriate for various applications such as composites, ballistics, aerospace, automotive, protective clothing against heat/radiation/chemicals, asbestos substitute, telecommunications optical fiber cables and many other.

Key Features

  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Low elongation to break
  • Good heat & flame resistance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • High cut resistance
  • Excellent ballistic properties


  • Various forms of composite materials
  • Sail cloth
  • Snowboards
  • Protective gloves, helmets, body armor
  • Filament wound pressure vessels
  • Flame and cut resistant clothing
  • Asbestos replacement
  • Ropes and cables
  • Optical fiber cable systems
  • Jet engine enclosures
  • Tennis strings and hokey sticks
  • Wind instrument reeds
  • Reinforcement for tires and rubber goods
  • Circuit board reinforcement
  • Coating
  • Twisting
  • Extrusion
  • Pultrusion
  • Precision Winding

Storage Conditions

Aramid fibers should be stored at +10°C to +40°C and should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Shelf Life

10 years in unopened, undamaged carton.

Codes and Standards

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