Pile and Pier Corrosion Protection using Fiberglass Composite Jacketing

Concrete, steel and timber piles and piers are subjected to structural damage and serious corrosion deterioration in marine environments. CTech-LLC® LifeShield™ is an in-place repair and protection solution for damaged and corroded piles and piers. The system is comprised fiberglass jacket that placed around damaged piles (or piers) and contains high-strength repair grouts to provide a corrosion-resistant protective encasement. The LifeShield™ jacket is custom fabricated fiberglass composite serves as a durable protective shell for structure that is being repaired and protected. Each custom-made jacket is available in a range of shapes (round, square, H-pile and octagonal) and sizes to suit any application. The LifeShield™ grout is a high-strength, water-insensitive repair grout, providing excellent bond to concrete, steel and wood and other building materials. With specific formulation, this product can easily be poured into fiberglass jacket in submerged condition without de-watering. CTech-LLC® LifeShield™ is suitable for harsh environments including tidal action, saltwater exposure, chemical intrusion, floating debris and river current, affecting the lifecycle of structures at the waterline.

Key Features:

  • LifeShield™ creates a stay-in-place form without needing for costly dewatering or cofferdams.
  • With specific formulation, the system grout is high-strength and water-insensitive, providing excellent bond to many substrate.
  • LifeShield™ jacket is custom made for each application, accommodating a wide range of infrastructure shapes and sizes.
  • The system is suitable for harsh environments, affecting the lifecycle of structures at the waterline.
  • Time saving & Cost effective solution without disrupting structure service.

LifeShield™ Components

Product Name Product Description Technical Data Sheet
FPJ™ Fiberglass Protective Jacketing Technical Data Sheet
ERG™ Epoxy Resin Grout Technical Data Sheet
ERA™420 Epoxy Resin Adhesive Technical Data Sheet