Specialized Repair Systems for Leak Sealing

At CTech-LLC® our solution builders developed systems to seal a leak online in few minutes. Utilizing a special FRP technology and leak repair clamps, CTech-LLC® creates economical and safe solutions aiming to help reduce the amount of liquid wasted through leaks on customers’ properties.

If you find a water leak inside your building, CTech-LLC® leak repair systems are reliable solutions you will need to arrange your own repair. Our systems are simple to use and can be installed by yourself and tackle emergency repairs on live through-wall leaks in pipes.

Water can be a destructive factor for concrete structural elements. Routine maintenance and upkeep can greatly extend the life of transportation infrastructure. CTech-LLC® provides ideal solutions for transportation infrastructure such as bridges and tunnels that may face leakage problem.

CTech-LLC® leakage sealing systems are now widely accepted in pipeline and liquid storage sector as a cost-effective repair method without taking isolation/shut down or draining of the pipeline/ liquid storage structure.

Repairing the leak on the oil, gas & industrial facilities with conventional method such as welding is not permitted for safety reason. In such a situation CTech-LLC® systems for leakage repair of structure is indispensible solution.

CTech-LLC® designed specifically leak sealing systems for offshore environment such as platforms or subsea conditions.  This repair would be conducted in-house (in some cases) within the hour, without any subcontractors and heavy subsea logistics.

Here you will find detailed information about our leak repair systems:

  • Buildings
  • Transportation Infrastructure
  • Water & Wastewater Structures
  • Oil & Gas & Industrial Facilities
  • Waterfront Structures

CTech-LLC® FibraOne™ is a comprehensive FRP composite strengthening system, providing efficient solutions for structural reinforcement of structures in need of repair or restoration. The FibraOne™ FRP Composite system is comprised of a wide range of high-strength carbon and glass FRP reinforcements and compatible saturating resins.

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CTech-LLC® W-Tank™ is a GRP lining and coating system providing a permanent internal re-coating of containment areas and tanks. By using special grade resins to attain properties which allow the GRP Lining to withstand resistance to fungi & algae, strong acids chemical, the W-Tank™ system would be a lifetime solution to prevent critical containment areas and tanks from failing, potentially causing injury or costing the company millions to repair or replace.

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CTech-LLC® PipeWrap™ FRP composite system is a structural strengthening system uniquely engineered for the restoration and renewal of pipelines and piping systems. The PipeWrap™ is a site impregnated or pre-impregnated composite system that consists of high performance epoxies and unique fiber reinforcements tailored for piping repair.

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CTech-LLC® Quick Clamp ™ is a mechanical clamping system and composed of FRP pad and stainless steel bands. QuickClamp ™ is an ease-of-use and timeliness system, providing active leak containment up to 100 psi.

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CTech-LLC® Pipe Clamp™ system provides a compressive force to stop active leaks up to 1160 psi. This system includes compression belt and a rubber patch perfectly centered over a leak, providing localized clamping force for greater sealing capabilities.

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CTech-LLC® Leak Bandage™ is a fast, effective cost-saving leak repair kit designed for working on all sizes of pipe and materials. Leak Bandage™ can be used for active leaks up to 435 psi and temperatures of over 200ºC.

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