Epoxy Zinc-Rich Primer


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EZP™ - Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet

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The CTech-LLC® Epoxy Zinc-Rich Primer (EZP™) is a two component, metallic zinc rich epoxy primer formulated to provide corrosion protection to steel substrates in both maintenance and new construction situations. As a high performance anti-corrosive primer, EZP™ gives maximum protection as part of any anti-corrosive coating system for aggressive environments including those found on offshore structures, petrochemical facilities, pulp and paper plants, bridges and power plants.

Key Features

  • Provides excellent corrosion protection.
  • No need to mist coat – saves time.
  • Economical zinc rich epoxy.
  • Can topcoat with a range of coating types, such as epoxies, polyurethanes, and chlorinated rubbers.


Suitable for structural steel and piping exposed a wide range of corrosive atmospheric environments. Recommended for offshore environments, refineries, power plants, bridges, buildings, mining equipment and general structural steel. Specially designed as a primer for coating systems where extended durability is required.

Storage Conditions

The material should be stored at temperatures between 5°C to 35°C to ensure shelf life.

Shelf Life

Shelf life is 18 months when stored as recommended in original unopened containers


Packaging / By Weight :

  • Component A = 20 kg / Component B = 10 kg
  • Component A = 10 kg / Component B = 5 kg

Codes and Standards

IPS, 1993, Material and Equipment Standard for Zinc-Rich Epoxy Paint (Organic Zinc-Rich) as Primer, Intermediate and Top Coat (Finish), IPS-M-TP-205, The Iranian Petroleum Standards, Iran.

BIS, 1999, Zinc priming paint, epoxy based, two pack –Specification, IS 14589, Bureau of Indian Standards, India.

ISO, 2007, Plastics – Paints and Varnishes – Corrosion Protection of Steel Structures by Protective Paint Systems – Part 5: Protective Paint Systems, ISO 12944, International Organization for Standardization.

ISO, 2009, Paints and Varnishes – Performance Requirements for Protective Paint Systems for Offshore and Related Structures, ISO 20340, International Organization for Standardization.


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