Acrylic injectable Anchoring Adhesive

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From rebar doweling on a high-traffic infrastructure retrofit project to do-it-yourself projects, CTech-LLC® offers chemical anchoring products to meet virtually any need. The IAA™ is a two-component (resin and initiator), 10:1 ratio acrylic-based anchor formulated by CTech-LLC® for use as a fast curing anchor-grouting material in a wide range of temperature conditions. IEA™ chemical anchor is qualified to bond threaded rod and rebar into drilled holes in an assortment of base materials under static and seismic loading condition

IAA™: Acrylic-based adhesive formulated for use as anchor-grouting material in all types of weather.

IAA™-HS: Fast cure, all weather acrylic -based anchoring adhesive formula for anchoring threaded rod and rebar in cracked and uncracked concrete and masonry.

Key Features

  • Fast cure, all weather acrylic -based anchoring adhesive
  • Easy hole-cleaning procedure — no power-brushing required
  • Qualified to securely anchor threaded rod and rebar in an assortment of base materials (concrete & masonry under static and seismic loading condition.
  • Suitable for elevated temperatures and long-term sustained loads. (IAA™-HS)
  • Can be used to install anchor bolts into uncracked and cracked concrete. (IAA™-HS)
  • Suitable for use in damp or wet anchor sites. (IAA™)
  • Suitable for use in dry or water-saturated concrete. (IAA™-HS)


  • Threaded rod anchoring and rebar doweling into concrete &  masonry.
  • Suitable for horizontal, vertical and overhead applications.

Storage Conditions

Keep  in a dry, dark environment with temperature ranging from 41°F to 90°F (5°C to 32°C)

Shelf Life

Eighteen months from date of manufacture in unopened cartridge.

Codes and Standards

BS, 2012, Code of practice for the selection and installation of post-installed anchors in concrete and masonry, BS 8539:2012, British Standard.

ASTM 2015, Standard Test Methods for Testing Bond Performance of Bonded Anchors, ASTM E1512 – 01, American Society for Testing and Materials.

ACI, 2011, Qualification of Post-Installed Adhesive Anchors in Concrete and Commentary, ACI 355.4, American Concrete  Institute


CTech-LLC® warrants its products to be free from manufacturing defects. Buyer determines suitability of product for use and assumes all risks. Buyer’s sole remedy shall be limited to replacement of product. Any claim for breach of this warranty must be brought within one month of the date of purchase. CTech-LLC® shall not be liable for any consequential or special damages of any kind, resulting from any claim or breach of warranty, breach of contract, negligence or any legal theory. The Buyer, by accepting the products described herein, agrees to be responsible for thoroughly testing any application to determine its suitability before utilizing.

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