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CTech-LLC® composite materials provide significant environmental benefits. Today traditional materials like steel and concrete are being replaced by composite materials. In addition, researches show that composite products are environmentally attractive alternative to metal and concrete. As environmental concerns play an important role in modern human life, CTech-LLC® attempts to work in the eco-friendliest way possible. Becoming an environmentally-friendly business includes everything from the way that a company manufacture a material to how waste is recycled and our company strives hard to satisfy all the factors of being an eco-friendly business.

CTech-LLC® composite materials are nature-friendly products, because they are extremely low weight. They can be used in car industry and reduce overall weight of cars more than 40%. The outcome is a significant reduction in use of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions.

According to different investigations which have been conducted by our company, CTech-LLC® FRP composite materials can be recycled quite easily and reduce human impacts on Earth’s ecosystem. As far as pollution impact, CTech-LLC® composites score the best compared with structural material such as steel and aluminum.

Recent studies show that embodied energy (the amount of energy required to manufacture and supply to the site of use) that is required for producing CTech-LLC® FRP materials is significantly less than embodied energy of steel and aluminum products. According to researches manufacturing FRP products is much more beneficial compared with manufacturing aluminum and steel products, because producing steel materials causes more than twice as high energy consumption.

We can assure you that CTech-LLC® FRP composite materials are the best choice due to the fact that, it helps to preserve the environment by significantly reducing carbon footprint.