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The large family of ERSTM represents some of the highest performance epoxy resins of those available at this time. The high-strength ERSTM epoxy resin system is designed specifically to prime substrates and saturate reinforced component surface and CTech-LLC® composite strengthening systems fabrics.

The following is a list of applications for ERSTM epoxy resin system:

ERSTM200: Two-component epoxy resin saturant of general purpose in the form of liquid for normal temperature curing.

ERSTM400: Two-component, thixotropic epoxy resin saturant of general purpose in the form of gel for normal temperature.

ERSTM 480: Two-component epoxy resin saturant designed for underwater applications.

ERSTMHT: Two-component epoxy resin saturant designed for high-temperature applications.

ERSTMCR: Two-component epoxy resin saturant designed for chemical resistant applications.

Key Features

  • CTech-LLC® ERSTM epoxy resin have higher strength compared with other epoxy materials.
  • ERSTM epoxy resin is easy to use and can be known as an eco-friendly product.
  • ERSTM epoxy resins have high adhesive strength and in addition to high saturation capability can be used for bonding an extended range of elements and materials like FRP sheets, metal elements, plastics and many other types of materials and elements.
  • High fatigue and final compressive strength. They also have high strength.  
  • Good impregnation due to optimized mixed viscosity for wet lay-up.
  • Curing of ERSTM400 epoxy resin is very slow and has long pot life.
  • Tolerant of salts in concrete and groundwater. (ERSTM480)
  • Paste consistency ideal for under-water applications. ERSTM480)
  • Maximum operating temperature up to 171°C. (ERSTMHT)
  • Ideal product for chemically resistant composite repair system. (ERSTMCR)


  • ERSTM epoxy resins are high-performance adhesives which are widely used in strengthening and retrofitting of different types of structures and manufacturing composite products.
  • Today using epoxy resins is an effective method for bonding different components of automobiles, so we can employ ERSTM resins in the assembly of different parts like sun roofs, side view mirrors, spoilers and many other important parts.
  • ERSTM epoxy resins are widely used in aerospace and marine industry.
  • ERSTM480 under-water epoxy is formulated for use as the patching and bonding material, primer and adhesive in fiber wrap and carbon or glass laminates applications.
  • ERSTMHT is especially suited to the hand lay-up process and can be used in the general industrial where higher thermal resistance is needed.
  • ERSTMCR is especially suited to the hand lay-up process and can be used in the general industrial where acid resistance is needed.

Storage Conditions

ERSTM epoxy resin must be stored in its original packaging and in a dry and cool place. Avoid freezing the product and keep it away from direct sunlight, flame or other hazards.

Shelf Life

With proper storage, resin and hardeners remain usable for at least 24 months.

Codes and Standards

ASTM, 2013,Standard Specification for Epoxy Resins, ASTM D1763–00, American Society for Testing and Materials.

ASTM, 2017,Standard Guide for Testing Epoxy Resins, ASTM D4142-89, American Society for Testing and Materials.

ISO, 2010, Plastics — Epoxy resins — Test methods, ISO 18280, International Organization for Standardization.

AMS,1995, Adhesive Compound, Epoxy Resin, High Temperature Application, SAE AMS3692C-1995, The American National Standards Institute.


CTech-LLC® warrants its products to be free from manufacturing defects. Buyer determines suitability of product for use and assumes all risks. Buyer’s sole remedy shall be limited to replacement of product. Any claim for breach of this warranty must be brought within one month of the date of purchase. CTech-LLC® shall not be liable for any consequential or special damages of any kind, resulting from any claim or breach of warranty, breach of contract, negligence or any legal theory. The Buyer, by accepting the products described herein, agrees to be responsible for thoroughly testing any application to determine its suitability before utilizing.

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