Retrofitting of Oil, Gas and Petroleum Structures

Retrofitting of Oil, Gas and Petroleum Structures

CTech-LLC® composite systems are used in some areas of the oil and gas industry such as modules, protection, equipment, spoilable pipes and pressure vessels. As well, significant advances have been made in the areas of composite pipe work and fluid handling.

Oil, Gas and Petroleum Structures are exposed to high corrosive environments, wide temperature variations and high pressure. Therefore, repair and maintenance of them plays a vital role in oil industry and transportation. Today new methods of rehabilitation are required to mitigate deterioration of oil and gas structures. CTech-LLC® FRP composites offer applicable solutions for the internal and external repair and maintenance of pipelines and tanks.

FRP composites can be worthy alternatives to other traditional materials like metal and aluminum, even in aggressive environmental conditions. In comparison to traditional materials CTech-LLC® FRP composite systems provide superior resistance to corrosive environment and chemicals, longer service life and lower cost.

CTech-LLC® FRP composites have great benefits. They can be applied in different elements of petroleum Structures like stair treads, handrails, access structures, safety gates, gratings, ladders and platforms.  They are Corrosion Resistant and can be used in harsh environmental conditions. FRP products can eliminate the need for maintenance activities like sandblasting and painting. They have High Strength and are able to deliver the same strength as steel. CTech-LLC® FRP composites are easy to transport, install and fabricate. They are also light in weight and can reduce load and cost on off-shore pipes for oil and gas. CTech-LLC® FRP materials are resistant to fire, electrical and thermal conductivity. These worthy properties can help to increase workplace safety.

CTech-LLC® FRP products are slip resistant and highly durable, so they can be ideal materials for all types of oil and gas facilities. Here are the most common applications of CTech-LLC® FRP in retrofitting refiners and petrochemical industry:

  • CTech-LLC® FRP composites are used in retrofitting corroded pipes and piping systems components.
  • CTech-LLC® FRP products are used in tank components like pultruded gratings, man ways, tank saddles and etc.
  • CTech-LLC® FRP systems can be useful materials for repairing jetties and submerged piles.
  • CTech-LLC® FRP composites are utilized in gratings, handrails, ladders, cable trays and off-shore platforms.
  • We are able to use CTech-LLC® FRP products in offshore bridge connecting between platforms, fuel storage tank and vessels, low pressure composite valves, flexible & floating risers and drill pipes and many other different uses in offshore environment and oil and gas industry.

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