Retrofitting of industrial and agricultural structures

Retrofitting of industrial and agricultural structures

The use of composite systems in industrial buildings (for both structural and nonstructural elements) is due to their underlying advantages including high specific strength, tailored design through controlled anisotropy, formability, fatigue resistance, controlled dimensional stability.

The intrinsic properties of CTech-LLC® FRP products have made them popular materials in retrofitting and strengthening different structures. They can withstand the temperature changes well, which is a required feature for all the elements of industrial structures. CTech-LLC® FRP composites have high specific strength and are extremely light. They are also resistant to corrosion and different chemicals. As corrosion is the most important reason for deterioration of elements in industrial and agricultural structures, FRP composites can be great choices in case of repair or retrofitting them and can ensure long service life.

By the emergence of FRP products, all the parts of industrial structures can be made in various shapes and colors, because CTech-LLC® FRP are Versatile and flexible. CTech-LLC® FRP composites are also resistant to fatigue and wear, furthermore they are highly cost-effective in comparison to traditional materials, like steel and other alloys. These worthy materials are non-magnetism and electric insulations, so they can help to increase workplace safety in structures with industrial and agricultural applications. These main properties have converted them to reliable materials for rehabilitation of different members in industrial structures.

Structures made of FRP composites are generally easy to transport and install, which can illustrate potential cost savings compared to transporting and installing timber or steel materials. They also need very little maintenance during their life span. CTec-LLC® FRP composite systems are environmentally friendly and have a remarkably light ecological impact. Because of These inherent properties CTech-LLC® FRP composites are mostly in demand by customers who are going to Retrofit their Industrial and agricultural structures.

Some of the more common applications of CTech-LLC® FRP composites in industrial and agricultural applications are mentioned below:

  • Seismic retrofitting of structural elements and retrofitting corroded members and connections.
  • FRP cladding and panels which can be used in Storage facilities, Loafing Sheds, Feed rooms and animal stalls and barns in agricultural
  • Industrial Equipment like chemical Piping Systems, chimney Stacks, fans and Blowers, cooling tower elements, chlorine cell covers and collectors and many other different uses in industrial applications.


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CTech-LLC® FRP composites are ideal materials for Retrofitting industrial and agricultural structures because of their high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance and ease of installation.

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