Wall Strengthening and Repair with FibraOne™ System


The strengthening or retrofitting of existing  walls to resist higher design loads, correct cracks due soil settlements, correct cracks on walls influenced by cycling temperature, correct strength loss due to deterioration, correct design or construction deficiencies, or increase ductility has been accomplished using FibraOne™ FRP composite system.
CTech-LLC® FibraOne™ is a comprehensive repair and strengthening system based on fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites that provide structural reinforcement and strengthening of structures in need of repair or restoration. Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) systems are simply defined as high strength and lightweight reinforcements created by combining carbon or glass fibers with a polymer material.

FibraOne™ Strengthening System Has Many Advantages 

  • Fully repair system: FibraOne™ FRP strengthening system offers a full line of fabrics, pre-cured laminates, frp anchors, fire protection coatings with compatible saturating resins which can be easily wrapped around and externally bonded to structural elements.
  • Versatile: utilized on a variety of structures, including buildings, transportations, pipeline & liquid storage structures, industrial & energy producing facilities, and marine & offshore structures.
  • High-performance solution: utilizing durable and high-strength material, FibraOne™ presents a very long efficient service life.
  • Lightweight: increased load capabilities with minimum change to weight of strengthened elements.
  • Low aesthetic impact: Because of its thin, low-profile, the comprehensive composite solution allows for additional stability to structural elements with minimum aesthetic impact.
  • Corrosion resistant: the system possesses those performance qualities required for the repair of corrosion damage.
  • Effective crack control: with exceptional bond adhesion and tensile strength, FibraOne™ system can extend the life of structure elements by restricting crack propagation.
  • Time saving & Cost effective: rapid solution which has produced significant time and cost savings.

The Potential Structural Uses

The FibraOne™ system can be used to increase the structural performance of under-strength walls. FibraOne™ potential structural uses include the following:

  • In-plane shear strengthening
  • In-plane flexural enhancement
  • Out-of-plane flexural enhancement
  • Shear transfer between wall panels
  • Supplement cut steel/openings
  • Correction of an existing construction and/or design error

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