GRP Lining and Coating System for Containment Areas and Tanks

The CTech-LLC®  W-Tank™ is a GRP lining system providing a permanent internal re-coating of containment areas and tanks, extending the life of your assets and reduces environmental risks. The lining system includes repairs to cracks and corrosion plus a complete fiberglass lining customized to your needs. The CTech-LLC® W-Tank™ has diverse applications including corrosion resistance, structural strengthening and waterproofing and can be found in most of all water storage tanks, sewerage tanks, chemical storage tanks, tank roof lining, manholes, sewerage sump pit, cooling towers, chemical plants, firefighting networks, pipeline networks and water transmission pipelines etc.. GRP linings are also excellent coatings for a variety of surfaces, including but not limited to metals, concrete and bricks, wood, as well as glass fibre/GRP surfaces. By using special grade resins to attain properties which allow the GRP Lining to withstand resistance to fungi & algae, strong acids chemical, the W-Tank™ system would be a lifetime solution to prevent critical containment areas and tanks from failing, potentially causing injury or costing the company millions to repair or replace.

Key Features

  • Extending the life cycle of the existing tanks beyond their conventional life by installing a ‘tank within a tank
  • Cost on average approximately 10% the cost of replacing a tank (or an effective saving of 90%).
  • Completely and seamlessly seal the cracks, leaks and flaking materials.
  • System with high compressive and flexural strengths for rehabilitation and lining of storage structures
  • Providing excellent resistance to most aggressive chemicals and will not deteriorate from most chemical attacks and is ideal for wastewater treatment facilities.
  • Excellent flexibility resists impact damage
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Little maintenance requirement
  • Custom molded to almost any surface and into any shape.
  • Lining Installation work on large tanks completed in a few short weeks
  • Lining installation work on small tanks completed in a few days.

Common Applications

Buildings Transportation Infrastructure Water & Wastewater Structures Oil, Gas & Industrial Facilities Waterfront Structures
Structural Strengthening
Concrete Repair
Corrosion Control & Protection
Leak Repair
Force Protection
Coating and Waterproofing

W-Tank™ Components

Product Name Product Description Technical Data Sheet
GFCM™ Glass Fiber Chopped Strand Mat Technical Data Sheet
GSA™ Unidirectional Glass Fiber To Anchor FRP Composite Systems Technical Data Sheet
VEP™ Vinyl Ester Primer Technical Data Sheet
VER™ Vinyl Ester Resin Technical Data Sheet
VEG™ Vinyl Ester Gelcoat Technical Data Sheet

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