Composite Protective Coatings

The CTech-LLC® Composite Protective Coating (CPCTM) is a high quality chemical resistant coating. CPCTM is applicable in high temperature and abrasion conditions which leads to be superior to other types of epoxy resin. Besides, CPCTM cures in the presence of moisture and humidity with excellent mechanical properties. It contains no solvents (100% solids, zero VOC) and has minimal odor and toxicity that assures ease of application. The high viscosity is well suited for vertical applications. Formulation of CPCTM developed for bonding applications. CPCTM can be used as a final protective coating or as a fill-and-level undercoat over which the CTech-LLC® systems may be applied. These material may be used either as a surface coating or a primer material. Some benefits of utilizing CPCTM are mentioned below: