Epoxy Primer

CTech-LLC® Wet Epoxy Primer (WEPTM 200) is a setting, damp-tolerant epoxy resin system intended for priming the surface specifically for use in wet or damp substrates. WEPTM 200 is a clear, low viscosity, 100% solids formulation with excellent flow, good application and excellent adhesion properties. The low viscosity wets the surface rapidly and penetrates minor cracks and surface imperfections. Primer is an easy to use 2:1 volumetric mix, and cures quickly with low odor. WEPTM 200 can be used in different fields like strengthening and retrofitting of structural members and also primer epoxy will effectively prevent the penetration of dirt, oil, solvents and gasoline. WEPTM 200 is highly recommended to be used due to following benefits:


Download Datasheet CTech-LLC ® WEP™200