Building Retrofitting and Strengthening

Building Strengthening and Retrofitting

CTech-LLC® composite materials are very popular because of their inherent corrosion resistance, high strength, low weight and many other merits.

CTech-LLC® FRP composite products are used to strengthen different elements of a building like beams, columns, walls and connections. FRP composite materials are developed to enhance strength and ductility of deteriorated or under-designed structures. They also can be used in other cases like expanding service life of a building, changing use of a structure, replacing corroded elements of a structure, making structures compatible with new standards and codes and many other different uses. Fiber Reinforced composites can suggest you lots of applicable solutions to solve your design challenges. Result of researches shows that reinforced elements of building with FRP causes increasing in axial load and deformation capacity of structures.

CTech-LLC® FRP composite have many advantages. They are very strong materials and can assure long term high performance of buildings. Our FRP products are light weight and simple to use because they can be applied with no specific equipment and less man power in Minimum possible time for strengthening and retrofitting of structures.

CTech-LLC® FRP products are extremely resistant to corrosion, so they can be ideal materials for structures that are located in humid and highly corrosive environments. Furthermore our FRP systems can be formed into different shapes, so they provide unlimited architectural designs. CTech-LLC® Fiber Reinforced Polymers are highly cost-effective, so they are proper materials for being used in field of strengthening and retrofitting of different buildings.

In comparison to steel and other traditional building materials, CTech-LLC® FRP composites have extremely better inherent properties and can be excellent alternatives to them. They weigh up to 75% less than steel and 30% less than aluminum. Unlike steel FRPs do not rust when they are exposed to humid or harsh weather or chemicals and can resist a broad range of chemicals. Strength of steel is about ¼ FRP and as mentioned before FRP products are more cost-effective than other materials.

In sum, we can conclude that FRP products have many advantages and can be easily implemented in strengthening and retrofitting of buildings. They can be used in different types of buildings like
commercial buildings
, educational buildings, government buildings, residential buildings and other types of structures.

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