Post Tensioned CFRP Plates System for Strengthening of Structures

In cases where a concrete structure in need of addressing concerns with strengthening due to deterioration, overloading, construction defects, or simply change of purpose, CTech-LLC® TensaPlate™ System is an ideal, engineered solution.
The CTech-LLC® TensaPlate™ system is based on the concept of non-bonded external post-tensioning and stress-relieving,providing active reinforcement by placing the concrete structure under compression in those regions where load causes tensile stress.
TensaPlate™ External PT system consists of CFRP plates as post-tensioned elements due to the high tensile strength and resistance to corrosion and the anchorages needed at both ends of structural element. After the tendons (CFRP plates) installation, the tendons stretch as they are tensioned with a jack and locked into place using an anchoring component, introducing compressive stress on the structural member, which offsets the tensile stress the concrete member might face under loading.
CTech-LLC® TensaPlate™ External PT system has a well-earned reputation for its quality, reliability, and durabilityand issuitable for repair and strengthening works of buildings, bridges, tanks and special structures.

Key Features:

  • TensaPlate™system is used extensively to address concerns with functionality of structure deteriorated due to excessive deflection and/or cracking.
  • Utilized for increasing or restoring the load-carrying capacity to design specifications.
  • Cost effective solution alternative to remove and replace option.
  • Suitable for large span beam slab of flexural reinforcement
  • TensaPlate™system is used to stresses relief , deflections reduction, improve fatigue details and adding live load capacity
  • Dead load increasing would be negligible.
  • Low space requirements.

Common Applications:

Buildings Transportation Infrastructure Water & Wastewater Structures Oil, Gas & Industrial Facilities Waterfront Structures
Structural Strengthening
Concrete Repair
Corrosion Control & Protection
Leak Repair
Force Protection
Coating and Waterproofing

TensaPlate™ Components

FRP Reinforcement

Product Name Product Description Technical Data Sheet
UCL™ Unidirectional Carbon Laminate Technical Data Sheet
ERA™420 Epoxy Resin Adhesive Technical Data Sheet

PT Anchorages

Product Name Product Description Technical Data Sheet
LEA™ Live-End Anchorage Technical Data Sheet
DEA™ Dead-End Anchorage Technical Data Sheet

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