Crevice Corrosion Mitigation System

CTech-LLC® Contact-Shield™ is designed to quickly resolve problems associated with crevice corrosion in piping systems. The system effectively isolates the pipes from their supports, eliminating the risk of pipe corrosion resulting from coating failure due to direct metal-to-metal contact.
Contact-Shield™ is a pre-formed size specific wear pad installed with a high performance adhesive liner, provides complete fit-up integrity with the damaged pipe.
The system provides a cost effective solution for the repair and protection of piping system and can be installed quickly and easily – requiring no special tools with minimal surface preparation.
Our system is promoted as the ideal solution for protecting the piping system from the damage caused by pipe movement and elongation, reducing catastrophic failure and therefore maintenance costs.

Key Features:

  • The Contact-Shield™ is an ideal option to prevent crevice corrosion resulting from direct metal-to-metal contact in piping systems.
  • Installs easily and quickly – requiring no special tools with minimal surface prep.
  • Bonds to all types of piping.
  • Piping remediation system with the flexibility of accommodating various temperature requirements.
  • Cost effective solution, reducing pipe maintenance costs.

Common Applications:

  Buildings Transportation Infrastructure Water & Wastewater Structures Oil, Gas & Industrial Facilities Waterfront Structures
Structural Strengthening          
Concrete Repair          
Corrosion Control & Protection    
Leak Repair          
Force Protection          
Coating and Waterproofing          

Contact-Shield™ Components

Product Name Product Description Technical Data Sheet
Composite Wear Pad Pre-Formed, Size Specific Fiberglass Wear Pad Technical Data Sheet
ERA™420 Epoxy Resin Adhesive Technical Data Sheet

More details need license code

More details need license code