Service and Solutions for Specialized Infrastructure

Through the combined products and engineering capabilities of CTech-LLC and our expertise of specialty contracting companies, we have developed proven systems that are used to solve specific specialty infrastructure challenges.
These specialty solutions have successfully addressed and identified infrastructure problems repeatedly for our clients. They combine:

  • A systematic approach to condition assessment for the specific structure type
  • An identified proven set of product options (proprietary and non-proprietary products) best suited for the particular application
  • One or several proven engineered design solutions
  • Proven methodology to implement the solution

CTech-LLC’s Special Solutions for the Industrial / Power Markets:
Sulfur Pit Repair Systems
A turnaround sulfur pit-specific approach to condition assessment, providing the ability to choose and implement the best solution from among our three proven engineered approaches. Our in-house engineers complete the pit assessment and design for your project specific structure – incorporating proprietary repair products, Sulfate Resistant Restoration Material. Utilizing our proven means, methods and construction approaches, our systems have been used to optimize schedule, cost efficiency, quality and safety on over 50 sulfur pits across the world.

Hyperbolic Cooling Tower Life Extension Systems
Our hyperbolic cooling tower solutions begin with an extensive and detailed analysis of the structure’s condition through our in-house forensic capabilities. Our solutions incorporate state-of-the-art products for common issues in cooling towers – concrete deterioration and embedded steel corrosion. Combining specialized concrete repair mixes and systems from our line of proprietary corrosion control systems, our solutions have been used to repair and protect nearly every element of these critical structures from the basin to the top of the towers. You can trust your high value assets with our team that has perfected a turnkey approach to not just repair – but extend the life of your cooling tower assets.

Coking Unit Repair Systems
Our proven Coking Unit Repair systems are typically implemented through a turnkey investigate-design-build model. Our investigation model includes both online and offline forensic processes designed to develop a thorough condition assessment. Our engineers then design and develop repair strategies and specifications for various elements including coking support structures, decks, drum anchors and penetrations, pit walls and floors, and more.

FCCU Repair Solutions 
Our turnkey approach provides holistic solutions for the repair and maintenance of FCCU supporting infrastructure. The approach starts with investigation and prioritization of needed repairs as well as cost estimation and bundling cost-saving strategies. Our systems and services are built around the needs of FCCU support infrastructure, including fireproofing, concrete repair, anchor bolt repair, structural strengthening, corrosion protection and refractory services. Whether it’s a one-time need or if you wish to bundle investigative and repair services into an ongoing maintenance contract, we are your one-stop shop for maintaining your FCCU infrastructure.

Water Intake Structures
Our investigate – design – build approach has been successfully applied to water intake structures in energy and other industrial facilities. For intake structures that utilize chloride-rich water sources – corrosion of reinforced concrete and steel structural elements is accelerated. CTech-LLC’s corrosion control systems and services are often combined with our other products to repairs and extend the service life of these critical units. Our proven approach helps determine the extent of damage, select a proper solution, and develop the implementation along with one of our contracting companies.

Other CTech-LLC’s Specialized Solutions include

  • Beams, Columns & Slabs
  • Foundations / Pedestals
  • Mechanical Draft Cooling Towers
  • Chimneys, Stacks & Silos
  • Marine Docks & Piers
  • Tanks & Pits
  • Pipe Racks / Supports
  • Process Structures
  • Dams & Basins
  • Water Treatment