2-Step Leakage Sealing Clamp

The CTech-LLC® Quick Clamp ™ is an ease-of-use and timeliness system to seal & stop active leaks up to 100 psi. The Quick Clamp ™, a mechanical clamping system, is composed of FRP pad and stainless steel bands providing leak containment with minimal down time. Our system works fast and simple. Position the FRP pad over repair area, secure banding clamp over the pad center and tighten the band until the leak stops. The CTech-LLC® Quick Clamp ™ is designed for quick and safe leak sealing in conjunction with our PipeWrap™ system. Once the system is installed and the leak is stopped, a CTech-LLC® composite wrapping solution can be applied using the cigar wrap method as an overwrap to extend service life the piping system. The LeakStop ™ is ideal for facilities including irrigation systems, oil and gas pipelines and refineries and petrochemical plants.

Key Features:

  • Emergency and temporary repair method that can add structural reinforcement
  • Withstand pressure up to 100 psi (7 kg/cm2)
  • Withstand temperature up to 121°c (250°f)
  • Quick and simple to install
  • Reduced down time

Common Applications:

  Buildings Transportation Infrastructure Water & Wastewater Structures Oil, Gas & Industrial Facilities Waterfront Structures
Structural Strengthening          
Concrete Repair          
Corrosion Control & Protection          
Leak Repair  
Force Protection          
Coating and Waterproofing          

QuickClamp™ Components

Product Name Product Description Technical Data Sheet
FRP pad Technical Data Sheet
Metallic Band Clamp Providing Hoop Stress Needed to Stop the Leak Technical Data Sheet

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