Strengthening of Structures using External Post-Tensioning System

In cases where a concrete structure in need of addressing concerns with strengthening due to deterioration, overloading, construction defects, or simply change of purpose, CTech-LLC®’sTensa-Ex™ External Post-Tensioning System is an ideal, engineered solution.Tensa-Ex™ External PT system provides active reinforcement by placing the concrete structure under compression in those regions where load causes tensile stress.
Tensa-Ex™ External PT system consists of high strength tendons (steel strands or bar) that are installed outside the structural element, protective ducting to improve tendons durability and/or fire resistance and the anchorages needed at both ends of structural element.
After the tendons installation, the tendons stretch as they are tensioned with a jack and locked into place using an anchoring component, introducing compressive stress on the structural member, which offsets the tensile stress the concrete member might face under loading.
CTech-LLC® Tensa-Ex™ External PT system has a well-earned reputation for its quality, reliability, and durabilityand issuitable for repair and strengthening works of buildings, bridges, tanks, , and special structures.

Key Features:

  • Tensa-Ex™ system is used extensively to address concerns with functionality of structure deteriorated due to excessive deflection and/or cracking.
  • Utilized for increasing or restoring the load-carrying capacity to design specifications.
  • Cost effective solution alternative to remove and replace option.
  • The system is can be used to strengthen concrete and steel beams, girders, truss chords/diagonals
  • Tensa-Ex™ system is used to stresses relief , deflections reduction, improve fatigue details and adding live load capacity
  • Dead load increasing would be negligible.
  • The flexibility of the strand is a major advantage, allowing it to be profiled through the concrete element.

Common Applications:

  Buildings Transportation Infrastructure Water & Wastewater Structures Oil, Gas & Industrial Facilities Waterfront Structures
Structural Strengthening
Concrete Repair          
Corrosion Control & Protection          
Leak Repair          
Force Protection          
Coating and Waterproofing          

Tensa-X™ Components


Product Name Product Description Technical Data Sheet
7 Wire Pre-stressing Strand Seven Cold-Drawn Wires Technical Data Sheet


Product Name Product Description Technical Data Sheet
LEA™ Live-End Anchorage Technical Data Sheet
DEA™ Dead-End Anchorage Technical Data Sheet
INA™ Intermediate Anchorage Technical Data Sheet
COA™ Coupler Anchorage Technical Data Sheet


Product Name Product Description Technical Data Sheet
MCD™ Metal Corrugated Duct Technical Data Sheet
PPD™ Polypropylene Plastic Duct Technical Data Sheet

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