No Pressure Pipe Leak Repair Kit

CTech-LLC®Leak Bandage™ is a fast, effective cost-saving leak repair kit designed for when pipe flow can be stopped. The repair kit includes a water-activated fiberglass wrap and copper epoxy putty applied underneath outer wrap for leak sealing and a high strength permanent repair. Leak Bandage™ works on all sizes of pipe made from materials including GRP, steel, iron and copper. Our Leak Bandage™ is easy to install and damaged pipes can be returned to service in less than half hour. Simply turn off the leak, apply copper epoxy putty over damaged area and wrap outer composite wrap until the leak has stopped. Leak Bandage™ can be used for active leaks up to 435 psi and temperatures of over 200ºC as well as pipes containing harsh chemicals.

Key Features:

  • CTech-LLC® Leak Bandage™ is a fast, effective cost-saving leak repair kit designed for Working on most pipes.
  • Leak Bandage™ Stops active leaks up to 435 psi.
  • The system Cures in less than half hour.
  • Leak Bandage™ resists temperatures of over 200ºC.
  • It can be used on pipes carrying hot and cold water, as well as pipelines containing chemicals.
  • Leak Bandage™ works on pipe diameter up to 300 mm to seal leaks.

Common Applications:

  Buildings Transportation Infrastructure Water & Wastewater Structures Oil, Gas & Industrial Facilities Waterfront Structures
Structural Strengthening          
Concrete Repair          
Corrosion Control & Protection          
Leak Repair  
Force Protection          
Coating and Waterproofing          

Leak Bandage™ Components

Product Name Product Description Technical Data Sheet
PFW™ Polyurethane-impregnated Fiberglass Wrap Technical Data Sheet
Copper Epoxy Putty Seals the leak, fills cracks, removes step from leaking joints, smooths off pitting etc. Technical Data Sheet
Gloves N/A

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