FRP Composite System for Pipe Strengthening and Repair

With the infrastructure ageing, there are an increasing number of pipelines that require both maintenance and repair. The PipeWrap® fiber reinforced polymer system offers a proactive and safe approach to reinforce a wide array of anomalies and features including external corrosion, weld defect, wrinkle bend, dents, gouges and even cracks. The PipeWrap® is a site impregnated, or pre-impregnated, composite system that consists of high performance epoxies and unique fiber reinforcements tailored for piping repair. This repair system can be installed with common tools in less than one hour which ensures a timely and simple repair method. PipeWrap® kits are designed in varying lengths and widths to address defects and/or leaks in all pipe sizes and wall thicknesses. This innovative composite solution is available in multiple variations to handle a wide variety of applications including standard condition, high-temperature, harsh chemical environments and underwater conditions.

Standard PipeWrap®

The Standard PipeWrap® System provides a safe and dependable frp composite pipe repair solution. The easy to install system is used to reinforce defective piping systems in standard environments (Learn More)

High-Temperature PipeWrap®

The system includes high-strength carbon fiber and epoxy resin, forming a composite system with temperature resistance up to intermediate operation of 400ºF (Learn More)

Chemical-Resistant PipeWrap®

The composite repair system is made of glass fiber / carbon fiber and epoxy resin that reinforce pipes in aggressive environments (Learn More)

SubSea PipeWrap®

Specifically designed to rehabilitate and restore strength to damaged and corroded piping systems in wet or underwater conditions (Learn More)

Common Applications:

  Buildings Transportation Infrastructure Water & Wastewater Structures Oil, Gas & Industrial Facilities Waterfront Structures
Structural Strengthening    
Concrete Repair          
Corrosion Control & Protection    
Leak Repair    
Force Protection          
Coating and Waterproofing          

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